Wheels & Water's Corporate Event, All New Show for 2020,  

4x4h2os rolling out their annual corporate fundraiser February 28-March1 2020.  This year is going to be better than ever.  We have many new trails to ride, all new camping for RV and Tent. A 750 acre lake to play on and most of all a hug 50 acre onsite off road course we call Little Moab.  Check out the videos on this website.

Canceled Wheels & Water Show(R) Canceled

Despite our best efforts the Wheels Show has been canceled for this year.  Despite our best efforts do to Hurricane Michael and flooding issues in our town the county and state governments will not have the site ready in time.  Also because of all the wonderful support by out of state business most of the lodging will not be available.  We at  4x4h2o.com want to only promote the very best in fun for the whole family.  Marianna has so many great place to visit for food, entertainment, shops, and site seeing.  With all this town has been through it just would be a shame to not be able to present all the very best we can be.  We have already posted the dates 2020 and it's a leap year!  So the date will be February 29 - March 2nd 2020.  You may purchase tickets now or register your 4x4.  If you purchased tickets for 2019 you have already been reimbursed.  We will see you at other events this year and want to thank you for all your continued support.

Thank you.


Chuck Unke 

Hurricane Michael

October 28, 2018

Well we have been quite busy with our unwelcomed guest Michael. I will be posting pictures and videos on the site soon. We have been with out food stores, power, water, fuel for over 17 days, but the good news is we are all ok. The office in Marianna is in great shape considering, and we are moving forward with all plans for this years up and coming events. We feel it will be welcomed even more after months of rebuilding folks are looking for fun things to do.

 Most every I talked to say their families are ok and we have insurance so we plan on building new homes and just buying new vehicles. We as a small town in the USA can use some good old fashion fun. So folks here are really looking forward to seeing everyone at the Wheels & Water Show. 

Please show your support today by registering your vehicle and make your lodging plans now! 

Well that's all for now. If you have something you would like to comment on please go to [email protected] and we will be glad to post it. 

Oh by the way the new apparel is in and the caps, men's, and lady's clothing look great! So join today and receive your new item of your choice and remember to ware at the next off road event and if you are spotted by me you just might win a $100.00 dollar bill. 

I will try and put the items in the store ASAP.

Ok Here is the scoop Sept 28,2018

We are working with our vendors to bring you a spectacular show.  We will be signing up several new ones each day!  If you have a company in mind you would like us to invite, please email us your request and we will do our very best to make it happen.  Tickets are flying out the door over 6200 in 75 days.  Get yours before the promotion is over.  Lots of promotions going around the Tristate area, so check us out on facebook for awesome ticket deals with our show marketing partners.  Keep checking back for more updates.... 

PS Let us know how you like our new logo and poste it on you facebook and we will send you a free pair of tickets!

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Lodging / Dining

August 28,2018

Ok fellow Dirt Devils, Beth and I have been invited to visit local lodging partners.  So check back soon for updates on  information on places to stay and contact information for those properties.  We will also be posting a video on camping.  We offer tent and RV camping.  The video will explain everything.

 For all that follow us you know we have been updating the site with a new FAQ, video, and blog section.  Please continue sending me emails so I can address your questions.